How to find the right security camera surveillance service provider?

Choosing the right security surveillance camera service is one of the most crucial decisions for a company/firm especially if it is for a bank, a data center, an IT company, or an enterprise that deals with confidential information and/or a lot of money. It can sometimes be overwhelming to pick the right one due to the surplus amount of information and features available. So, to make the decision-making process easier, go through the following points and use it as a guide on what to consider while choosing the right security camera surveillance service. Being knowledgeable of your requirements before approaching a service provider is always advisable to make an informed decision.

10 points to consider before choosing your security camera surveillance service provider:

1. Legitimacy:

First of all, while approaching a surveillance service provider, check whether they are legalized to provide the services you are looking for. There is a rise in the number of CCTV dealers in many cities of India and some surveys show that most of them are illegal. Do thorough check-ups and ask for the necessary certificates as soon as you approach them to save time, energy, and money. Make sure they’re a reputed one.

2. Customer Service:

Once you gather information on the company’s legitimacy, the next thing you have to think about is their customer service. Ask them as many questions as you have about the services they provide.

  • Ask them whether they are available at the drop of a hat if there is any emergency situation like a fault with the camera that needs to be replaced immediately.
  • Check how they handle downtime because if burglars come to know about it, it could jeopardize the safety of your company, its holdings, as well as reputation. No one can afford losing reputation at any situation let alone while dealing with high-value goods and services.

Clarify every doubt you get, no matter how silly they sound in your head, without fail for a smooth experience before and after hiring them for your requirement.

3. Camera Angles:

Whenever you are looking for a surveillance service, even the angle to which the camera can cover should also be considered. Note the areas in which you’ll require the cameras to be placed and most importantly you have to consider the blind spots. Anyone who wants to rob your place would most certainly be looking for them. So, in order to avoid any such instances to the maximum find out the coverage area of the cameras, you’re getting for your premises. Look for the pan and tilt to be exact.

4. Video Quality:

No matter how great the company’s service is, if the camera doesn’t give you a clear picture/video feed you won’t be able to identify the potential crime plans or even catch the culprits after the crime if the video is pixelated. So, check the feed properly for any glitches before finalizing the product as well as their service.

5. Storage:

It so happens that when the video quality is great it takes up a lot of storage space. Enquire whether they provide ample, organized, and easily accessible cloud as well as internal storage. Internal storage is useful when a crime takes place and you want to identify the wrongdoer as soon as possible from the most recent data. Cloud storage can be accessed remotely which would be convenient if you’re not physically present at the place of the crime. Make sure to check the compressed video’s quality as well since videos are usually compressed while storing.

6. Waterproof:

If you’re getting the surveillance camera fixed outdoors it should definitely be waterproof.

7. Remote Access:

In the fast-moving and ever-demanding world today staying in one place just to keep an eye on your surveillance systems is impractical. Get a service that provides seamless on–location along with remote access so that you can monitor from wherever you are.

8. Mobile Integration:

Being able to monitor using your laptops may also be hindered at times when you have to be moving around a lot. The best way is to integrate your smartphone with the security monitoring service so that when something happens that shouldn’t you can get notified immediately.

9. Trained Workforce:

It is true that as humans, one can’t be focusing on anything entirely without missing any detail whatsoever. That’s one of the major reasons why you are opting for a surveillance service for sure. Even then you should look for companies that offer professionally trained and the most efficient kind of employees. For obvious reasons like even when the security cameras and alarm systems are in place if there is no skilled person watching over the videos, it will be too late when you come to know about any theft or harm done to your official space and valuables in there.

10. Cost & Installation:

After looking into every other aspect and taking into consideration the quality of everything that you’re being offered then and only then look into the cost. Budget is important, true, but you can always spend more on securing than losing a lot more by choosing a cheaper service provider. You can always choose a service provider that offers the same service for a lesser cost but never compromise on the quality just because of the cost. Look into the installation part as well since it would definitely be helpful.

Apart from the above features and services, you can also find out about the camera your surveillance service provider offers you. Compare it with other cameras and find out whether it is the best that you can get. Check the additional features like night vision, whether they’re wired or wireless, does the camera work offline and has an inbuilt hotspot so that the managers or you can check whenever required without having to connect to an internet connection, does the camera have a motion and audio sensor and all that. You can also do your research on the best cameras available in the market and the features that they come with even before checking with your service provider so that you can have an idea of your own when they present their products and services with you.

Do check with multiple service providers about every requirement you have and then finalize based on what suits you the best in terms of quality and budget. Once again, never compromise on the quality because of the cost involved.

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